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Helen Hatton Reiki Practitioner and Priestess Healer
Hello! So, Accountant to Yoni Steamer - how did that happen?

My name is Helen Hatton and I've always thought that there are things unexplained, things that we do not yet scientifically know, other things that seem to occur and feel like more than coincidence.

I began investigating spiritual practices in 2014 and come across a knowledgeable and experienced spiritual teacher in Bristol, Leonie Cole. Within a few weeks, my life changed dramatically, to be based on Reiki practice and the amazing experiences that I have encountered during this exciting, learning phase of my life.

In June 2015 I completed my Reiki Master Teacher 4th Degree course, and I am keen to teach others how they too can access this lovely gift from the Universe. Once this training has begun Reiki is then accessible forever!

So, in addition to providing Reiki treatments, I can now train others to utilise this gift, so they can then heal themselves and all around them. Anyone can practise Reiki, the Universe has excluded no-one!

It did seem to me, and others, that this is what I should be doing. My traditional job as an Accountant was coming to a natural end, and spreading lots of lovely Reiki energy around is what I want to do. I'm so much more excited about this than I ever was about accounting!!!

I can include crystals - if it feels right - having completed a useful and informative Crystal Healing Diploma in 2016. I'm not an expert by any means - the topic is so vast - but I love intuitively using this beautiful energy within my treatments!

Goddess healing is now on offer! In particular, Yoni Steaming! I completed my Priestess Healer training in January 2018. So its official, I'm a Priestess Healer! Goddess healing is a wonderful healing modality that links us back to the earth and aims to balance out our masculine and feminine sides, for both sexes.

NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills completed in November 2018.

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NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Counselling skills


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