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“ I had the best couple of days doing Reiki training with Helen aboard her beautiful boat. Helen is an amazing teacher and the venue for the course was just perfect! I would highly recommend Healing in the Harbour as Helen is such a lovely person and very knowledgeable too. Thank you Helen! ”
Loretta Kay     February 2022 Reiki training, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ I took my Reiki 2 training with Helen. I highly recommend it for the following reasons: It's one of the few Reiki 2 course conducted over two days so there's a very relaxed feel to the training. The location of the training (Bristol riverside) is beautiful. The training felt personalised; Helen helped me to apply the Reiki 2 principles/possibilities to my own life. The meditations (and attunement) were very relaxing. Finally, Helen was open and shared her experiences with me which was helpful. I would recommend! ”
Rachael Louise     February 2022 Reiki training, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ Helen is absolutely amazing lady, I'm so pleased i came across her page when i was looking for reiki practitioner to do my reiki learning with, i passed both my level 1 and 2 with helen, i couldnt of asked for a better person to have done my training with!! I loved the whole boat vibe and being on the water was an amazing experience!! I would completely recommend helen to anyone who is wanting a reiki session or to learn with!! Thank you helen for allowing me to learn with you!! ”
Hannah Woods     January 2022 Reiki training, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ Wow! Helen is a wonderful lady! You cannot help but feel super comfortable and at ease around her. Have to say my Reiki treatment was one of the best experiences I’ve had. I could certainly feel movement of energy, and although I started off feeling a bit tense anyway (just from general life stuff), come the end of the session I felt so calm and clear. Helen gave me a run down at the end, and any intuitive thoughts that came by for her, which completely resonated with me. I would recommend Healing on the harbour to anybody! ”
Jaigen Bowden     December 2021 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ Wow what an amazing experience with Helen and I can't recommend her enough.I am a male and paid for 3 reiki sessions and just felt so relaxed and felt a shift and could feel her hands radiating through me. Helen is so easy and genuine and so easy to talk to and is full of wisdom and kindness. My daughter is going to have some sessions.The strange thing is I had a big growth come up on my head about the size of a hazelnut and was getting bigger and had a doctors appointment booked as I wanted to make sure it wasn't skin cancer.After 2 sessions it has completely gone and really strange as I had it for a year. Just go for it and you will love it,plus the messages are amazing.Rob ”
Rob Allen     September 2021 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ I had an amazing healing with Helen last week. I was feeling burnt-out, tierd, was lacking any focus or clarity and just kit my self. Straight after the session I felt more clear headed, lighter and just more alive. This week I have noticed the benefits of my session with Helen so much and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a reiki treatment in the lovely harbour side. It's a perfect location.”
Jenny MacSharry     May 2021 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ Received my Reiki 1&2 here and I'm glad I chose Helen - She's approaching you very much like an individual in her teachings as opposed to adhering to some general script that might fit - without losing any of the knowledge that is required for you to have. Very patient with all my questions and bursts of enthusiasm, lovely and welcoming atmosphere on her boat - you feel quite safe there with her. Thank you for everything, Helen! Much love!”
Beatrice Theyrer     November 2020 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ I am extremely grateful to have had my Reiki attunement 1 with Helen. Throughout the entire day we spent together I felt safe and cozy, two elements which I perceive to be essential. She shared all information in a loving and simple manner and then showed me in a practical way how to do everything. Every question I had, she was able to answer and she shared her personal insights and stories with me which really helped me gain a deeper understanding of the blessing that Reiki really is. She is truly a beautiful teacher and soul, couldn’t recommend her enough.
Since the attunement, I traveled a lot and Reiki kept me grounded, and during this pandemic, it has helped me to feel protected. Reiki has given me back the trust I needed in myself and the connection with the universe I was so deeply desiring to recover. Truly words cannot express my gratitude for the role Helen has played in all this. ”

Isabelle Sieber     June 2020 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ Absolutely amazing Reiki healer and teacher. Highly recommend Helen! ”
Magdalena L     March 2020 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ A little gem tucked away in the harbour! Helen was extremely warm and welcoming from the moment I emailed to actually meeting in person. She helped create a very comforting and peaceful environment on the boat as well.
I have really benefitted from our Reiki sessions and could not recommend it enough! It has been just the thing i've needed to to realign and refocus myself.
Very positive and loved receiving the messages at the end of each session! Thankyou! x ”

India Mercer     August 2019 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ Helen is such a lovely, kind and supportive healer! When I first went for a reiki session I was figuring out if I should get the 3 session deal or just stick with the one I had gone in for, after our first session I felt amazing, everything seemed perfect in the world, Reiki had really helped me balance my energy and so I decided to come in for a couple more sessions. Helen's boat, Miss Daydreamer is such a peaceful place to have Reiki on, the calm water below and getting reiki while floating on harbour side is such a beautiful experience! Would 100% recommend her. I will be going for more sessions soon as well, looking forward to it! Thank you Helen :) ”
Nikita Sarvade     April 2019 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ Helen is a beautiful spiritual warm loving healer. I felt immediately comfortable and held in her presence. I’ve had a number of reiki sessions, I also want a yoni steam. I could not recommend Helen more highly. Having a session with Helen is giving yourself the very best self loving hug and we all need those! ”
Margaret Hickman     April 2019 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ Friend recommended me to try this - didn't know anything about it but found the session very interesting and it helped me make a decision I'd been struggling with. Helen was very friendly and helpful and I would happily recommend her!”
Isabel Sones     April 2019 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ I've now had two Reiki sessions with Helen, and not only has it been really helpful, insightful, and stress-relieving in the moment, and the days following but it's also really helped me to further my understanding of my own body. The gentle swaying of the boat is a wonderful plus to the deep-relaxation you experience with Helen. Thank you Helen! ”
Fi Leeves     March 2019 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ Amazing energy, wonderful healer. This was a very positive experience and I felt the results immediately. Helen also gives amazing and accurate feedback about the experience which I found really useful for my healing, self reflection and growth. Thank you so much xxx ”
Gareth Sims     February 2019 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ Helen is a warm, kind, caring person who makes you feel instantly at ease. The space is beautiful, both inside and outside the boat and I felt instantly calmed just being there. Every session has left me feeling peaceful, safe and loved. Thank you Helen for your wonderful work. ”
Chloe Perkins     January 2019 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ I had my first Reiki session with Helen, and I found the experience to be relaxing, enlightening and great for balancing my Qi and Chakras. She was able to pickup on issues I was aware of and issues I was unaware of which has been an amazing gift to help guide me in my spiritual and emotional development and growth. The gentle rocking of the boat on the water makes it easy to relax into the session. Helen is a very genuine and kind woman who I felt at ease with and could relax with to have an amazing first introduction to Reiki. I’m looking forward to our next session to see how her feedback has helped me find a better balance with my energetic self. ”
Simon from Bristol     January 2019 Reiki review

“ Helen has a really lovely set up - on the boat you feel far away from the everyday and her reiki and the way she shares messages with you creates a very healing and thought-provoking experience. ”
BP from Bristol     December 2018 Reiki review

“ I had an amazing experience with Helen she was very warm and friendly and I felt completely relaxed after the reiki the messages that came through really helped and Helen kindly records these and we had a nice chat after really lovely lady with an incredible healing gift!”
Bindi K     September 2018 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ I just wanted to say a massive thank you for my Goddess steaming. Wow! Honestly! It was such a wonderful experience. My period started the day after and it felt like my body was purging all the things that no longer serve me. It was truly a powerful and humbling experience and I'm so grateful that I got to experience that with you! So thank you”
Anonymous     September 2018 Yoni Steam review

“ Healing in the Harbour is such a unique experience, you have to try it! Having a session on a boat with the sun streaming down on you is such a treat. Helen’s reiki therapy is amazing too. I’ve felt really energised and positive after, and hearing the messages she receives is a totally different experience to other reiki sessions I’ve had. I also find it really useful that the messages are recorded so you can listen at a later date, as I’m usually so zonked afterwards I would forget everything she’s trying to teach me! Can’t wait for my next session 😊”
Kate W     August 2018 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ **** Updated review: since my last review, I have had a few more amazing reiki treatments, which I love; they always ground and energise me. The messages I get are spookily accurate.
Today I had my first goddess healing session, and I really can't even put into words how amazing it was! I've never felt such a deep sense of relaxation. I felt like I had moulded into the bed! I had various sensations, from goosebumps to tingling and a feeling of heaviness. Plus I had lots of lovely vision and colours swirling around.
I'd never heard of goddess healing before and thought it was a bit too out there for me, but after attending a few lovely group goddess meditations hosted by Helen, I thought I'd keep an open mind and give it a go.
The treatment consisted of drums and rattles and a seed rattle all over your body which feels amazing! Helen also put a lovely clay mask on my solar plexus to draw out anything that I needed to release. Then she called in various goddess energies to work with me. There was lovely music playing, and the swaying of the boat and gentle breeze was incredible.
It was so beautiful and powerful and I don't think I can wait another week for my next one! This is a must have treatment!”

Rachel     July 2018 Goddess healing, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ I don't usually write reviews but Helen is an absolute sweetheart! I could tell that she has a beautiful spirit from the moment I spoke to her on the phone to book my first reiki session. She's a fantastic healer and I can't wait for my next session with her. Highly recommended, you won't be disappointed! ”
Steph LJ      July 2018 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ I had a wonderful Reiki session with Helen recently and I am so pleased that my first ever experience of this treatment was with such a kind, warm and friendly person. I felt really looked after from start to finish, and the setting was just so perfect. During the treatment I felt the gentle rocking of the boat and it was so incredibly relaxing and peaceful. Helen had some interesting insights for me that she picked up on during the Reiki - I definitely went away with a sense of peace and a few things to reflect on. I am very grateful for this experience and I hope to book in again soon. ”
Hannah      June 2018 Reiki

“ Healing in the Harbour is an absolute MUST DO experience! Serene surroundings in which to enjoy a truly relaxing reiki session with the lovely Helen. I have been suffering with stress and anxiety for some time and seeing the positive differences Helen had made with a friend of mine, spurred me on to book a session. Helen makes you feels as ease straight away, I could literally feel myself floating away during the session. I'll definitely be back for more, its the most relaxed I've felt in a long, long time. The channelled messages that Helen past onto me were both very accurate and have helped to guide me in the right direction and made me more positive about my future. ”
LeahD     May 2018 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ Visiting Helen on her lovely boat and enjoying a deeply relaxing reiki treatment is a wonderful experience. I’d highly recommend it. I always leave feeling uplifted and energised and her insightful offerings are a beautiful gift. ”
Anna     May 2018 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ Thank you Helen for a lovely reiki session.Felt grounded, refreshed and rejuvenated after the goddess reiki treatment. Really relaxing and soothing whilst lying on the treatment table receiving the reiki on Helen's beautiful boat. ”
Theresa     May 2018 Goddess Healing, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ If you’re looking for a relaxing and beautiful location, this is the place to be. Helen is a very kind and friendly lady, the reiki messages that Helen had for me after the treatment were very accurate. Never experienced such deep relaxation, would highly recommend to all. ”
Dan     May 2018 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ Helen made me feel comfortable and welcome staight away, and the surroundings at the Harbour are beautiful. I felt so relaxed and have been recommending it to friends and family ever since! I cant wait for my next Reiki session!! ”
Gemma     May 2018 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ I’ve had 4 reiki sessions with Helen and feel so much better mentally and physically. I have a more positive outlook, more energy and I feel so much more relaxed. Helen is lovely and puts you at ease straight away. Helen receives spiritual messages during the session and goes through them with you at the end. Every time I’m stunned by just how accurate they are. I feel like this has had such a positive affect on me and will continue my sessions as long as I can. ”
Rachel     May 2018 Reiki, Reiki pages review rating Reiki pages 5 star rating

“ I have had two reiki sessions with Helen so far and can't recommend it enough. The sessions left me with a profound sense of relaxation and wellbeing. I felt like a weight had been lifted after both sessions. Helen is lovely and puts you at ease, and the lovely setting and motion of the boat adds to the peace and relaxation. I can't wait for my next session!”
Rachel     April 2018 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ I loved Helen as soon as we started talking. She is a lovely peaceful lady who put me totally at ease. My first session was amazing! Helen had to give me a little poke as I was drifting off :). Can’t wait to go again. Thank you Helen ”
Natalie     April 2018 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ I've been having monthly Reiki sessions with Helen for about 4 months now, which have been really helpful for rebalancing mind, body and spirit. It's quite lovely having treatments on a boat, and an added bonus with Helen is that she is able to receive information/messages as she goes through the session, which she notes down, and then records for you afterwards. This is sent straight away in an mp3 file to your email. It's been a very valuable addition, and always gives me food for thought. ”
Dave     April 2018 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ I have had a Reiki attunement and treatment just a few weeks ago with Helen at Healing in the Harbour and it was a truly magical experience. The setting is truly beautiful and together with the warm welcome creates a profoundly relaxing atmosphere. Helen is an excellent teacher - she is wise and funny and open to questions and proceeds at a pace that is tailored to exactly what is needed. The overwhelming feeling I have had increasingly during, and at the end of my visit to 'Healing in the Harbour' and beyond was one of Peace. Thank you so much Helen. ”
Francesca     March 2018 Reiki Attunement and Treatment, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ Thankyou so much Helen. I find Reiki so relaxing and it has helped relieve my sinus problems so that I no longer use Becanese daily. It has helped my backache and other ailments which I would normally need antibiotics for. My time with you improves both my physical and mental wellbeing. ”
Josie     March 2018 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ Had my first reiki session three weeks ago. Went with an open mind and it has done me the world of good. Gorgeous space and experience. ”
Lucy     February 2018 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ Beautiful place, beautiful space, beautiful treatment. Highly recommended x ”
Zoe     August 2017 Goddess Healing, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ Sacred foot bathing
A calming and peaceful experience which soothed all the senses, beautiful relaxation music and essential oil scents created a space to reflect. A deeply relaxing ceremony which Helen conducts with grace. I would highly recommend this experience. ”

Richard     June 2017 Goddess Healing, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ I thought I'd book a yoni steam I was interested and had never heard of them before, so I booked one with Helen, before my appointment I googled yoni steam and here's what I found..... Ok so it's a vaginal steaming which makes sense we steam other parts of our bodies, so why not our vagina. Throughout history, many women have found yoni steams to have the following effects:

  • Significantly reduce pain, bloating and exhaustion associated with menstruation.
  • Decrease menstrual flow as well as reduce dark purple or brown blood at the onset or end of menses.
  • Regulate irregular or absent menstrual cycles.
  • Increase fertility, especially when combined with Mayan abdominal massage
  • Speed healing and tone the reproductive system after birth.
  • Treat uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness, uterine prolapse and endometriosis.
  • Assist with the repair of a vaginal tear, episiotomy or C-section scar.
  • Assist with the healing of hemorrhoids.
  • Treat chronic vaginal/yeast infections, and works to maintain healthy odor.
  • Relieve symptoms of menopause.
  • Detoxify the womb and remove toxins from the body.
My period after the treatment was without pain and was a gentle experience as previously I would sometimes wake up in the night with pain, the yoni steam has helped considerably. The herbs that were personally chosen for me and my ailments. Helen talked me though a guided visualisation which was really relaxing and deeply moving, releasing. I would highly recommend Helen, she's a wonderful therapist and delivers the Yoni steam so that you feel comfortable and relaxed and it was personally an emotional release for me. I've already booked my second yoni steam and have been recommending it to family and friends. Thanks Helen for introducing me to yoni steam Much Love Tess xxx ”
Theresa     May 2017 Yoni Steam, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ thank you! My Sunday session was so special and just what I needed. Relaxing and calming.., I definitely feel that I have more clarity since. Really worthwhile and I certainly feel less stressed. Can't recommend you highly enough. Claire. ”
Claire     May 2017 Goddess Healing

“ Went to Helen stressed with difficulty sleeping and not sure where my life was going. Came out walking on air and had the best nights sleep in ages. Listening to her recording of the session helped me through until my next session with her. A truly lovely energising but calming person, highly recommended ”
Jill     April 2017 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ I visited Helen on her lovely boat for a goddess healing session, I wasn't sure what to expect but Helen put me at my ease and explained how the treatment would go. It was a calming and enlightening session, Helen recorded her explanation of what she felt from the treatment, this is such a useful tool as it means that you can listen to it agin later when you might have forgotten those useful tips. Helen is a warm and caring healer and I always feel invigorated after a visit. Highly recommended ?? ”
Jeanette     March 2017 Goddess Healing, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ Was in a totally relaxed setting, Helen made you feel totally at ease, The course was split into 2 days which was perfect. Good clear instructions and explanations. Lots of time for questions. Wasn't rushed. Loved doing the reiki on each other at the end. Ideal place to train people on water. Thank you Helen, the course was so enjoyable and totally relaxing. ”
Christina     (in Bristol\France) December 2016 Reiki 2 Course

“ I have had several Reiki sessions with Helen and they have been immensely helpful. I particularly appreciated her ability to visualise/perceive the symbols and issues. And the experience was enhanced by being on her cosy boat with its soothing, watery surroundings ”
Marina     November 2016 Reiki

“ My experience with Helen in 2 sessions of Reiki (one was long distance) was nothing short of incredible! I felt so relaxed and at peace after both treatments. The information she shared with me that she had received was spot on! She is so tuned in and lovely. I was so at ease with her because her manner is so reassuring and gentle. What a wonderful connection she has and it is obvious she enjoys what she is doing. I look forward to another meeting and I highly recommend her! ”
Kathy     March 2016 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ Hele is a most lovely lady
My treatment was more than just a Reiki I felt a whole shift in consciousness
I have been a few times
It's so charming on the boat
I highly recommend her without any hesitation ”

Lisa     March 2016 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ I would highly recommend Helen from Reiki on the Water, Bristol. I have had many Reiki treatments from Helen, both in person and from a distance. I can honestly say I have really benefited from her expert healing hands. She is very intuitive and I find her treatments always leave me feeling energetically re-balanced and refreshed. She always seems to get to the route of the problem and works on re-balancing the relevant chakra. Just wonderful!! ”
Debbie     February 2016 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ A Reiki treatment with Helen is a deeply relaxing experience (sometimes I've actually fallen asleep midway through, which is completely fine!), but also an illuminating one. I've had sessions over a 2 year period, some in person and some long distance. I like the fact that, as well as working with your energy, after the treatment, she tells you what she has felt and seen in your energy-body and aura. It's fascinating. She sees amazing things! I think the sessions shift my energy to a new level... sometimes it's challenging in the days following the treatment, as things settle - but I think that's how it has to be for me, since my path is one of personal transformation. I think Helen is a gifted Reiki practitioner; she gets to the heart of you, and she senses exactly where you're at and what you need. I recommend her! ”
Sally     February 2016 Reiki, Google review rating google 5 star rating

“ Thanks again for a wonderful treatment. A lot of the feelings of anxiety have gone and i had a much more comfortable night. Also that lovely light being able to breath feeling has stayed with me. Fabulous. ”
Sally     February 2016 Reiki

“ I felt so chilled and well rested when I woke up on Wednesday. Thank you so much, I loved it! ”
Charlotte     (in Twickenham) November 2015 Distant Session

“ Helen is a very skilful and talented Reiki practitioner. I had a gorgeous session with her, and highly recommend her. The imagery she used to explain the session to me was beautiful and very, very pertinent to my life. I'll be going to see Helen again - she's the real deal! ”
Rosie     2015 Reiki

“ I wanted to email you to say thank you and say how amazing your accuracy was! Since your session I have made some big decisions and major first steps towards my recovery! ”
Sue     (in Liverpool) 2015 Distant Session

“ This is first time in weeks I have felt relaxed, having been dealing with a family illness. I feel completed transformed, I can breathe easier, and knowing that there was hope, and the storm clouds are clearing, was very comforting. ”
Sue     2014 Reiki

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