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The ability to give Reiki, to yourself, your family and friends, or indeed the wider world is special - so why not have your training and attunement in a special location?

Here aboard Miss Daydreamer you can experience the flow of Reiki, the flow of the water all around us, the passing of ducks and swans, rowers, ferries and more! I do believe this is the most beautiful setting in Bristol! I yes, I know I am biased - but it really IS beautiful!

View from Miss Daydreamer

Take a look at my photos to see for yourself - most of the posts are from or around Bristol Marina.

So, what is an Attunement?

  • It is the ceremonial activation of Reiki. The Reiki symbols are added into your energy body - and you then have your Reiki FOREVER!!

There are various levels of Reiki, and if a student wishes to progress further.

Reiki First Degree - this is the entry level for everyone and held over 1 day

Reiki 1 enables you to access Reiki - this loving, universal energy - for the benefit of you, your family and friends, your home environment, to name a few.

Once the Reiki has been switched on (via the Attunement) you have access to it whenever you choose.

You are able to send this positive energy into any situation, for physical health, to soothe anxiety, to help sleep, to enhance emotional balance. And the more you use it the better.

The training is carried out aboard Miss Daydreamer, we will work through my manual looking at useful applications for Reiki, do' and don'ts, and carry out practice sessions.

Reiki attunement

Reiki Second Degree - this is the Intermediate level course - and is held over 2 days

Reiki 2 provides the option to progress with your Reiki. Included the activation of specific symbols to assist you to further focus your intention

Power symbol - good for focus, cleansing, protection

Harmony symbol - for emotional and mental balance, stress

and Distance symbol - for alignment, and remote distance work, and time past and future

The distance symbol enables Reiki to be send to a different place, and also a different time.

  • This is helpful in many scenarios, I have sent Reiki to different places in the World and it is remarkable! And Yes, the recipient can feel the Reiki energy!
  • We are able to re-visit traumatic events and use Reiki to remove\lessen\let go of the trauma. You can also send reiki “good luck” to a future event - say, a job interview
  • Using Reiki 2 you can also set programmes, a way of automating the reiki to turn on, when you use your shower, for example. Or turn on your cooker, so these activities can include loving reiki energy to help in our lives.

So, what is included?

  • Small group tuition, 2 or 3 students
  • Practical exercises
  • You will be provided with your Reiki lineage information - that will trace the history of those teachers up to including me, right back to the founding teacher of Reiki Dr Mikao Usui in the 1920's.
  • My clear and thorough manual to take away with you
  • Hands on practice reiki demo, with students get to try out what they have learnt with another student, or with me. This part of the training students absolutely love!

Courses run with either 2 or 3 students. Why not book with a partner\friend\family member?

All courses require payment in full to book your place.

Price for Reiki 1

  • £150 Held over 1 day

Price for Reiki 2

  • £300 Held over 2 days

Single student by arrangement.

Reiki Third and Fourth Degree by arrangement

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