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Yoni Steaming

What is Yoni Steaming?

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the whole genital and reproductive area of a woman, incorporating from the clitoris to the anus - all of the genitalia and reproductive space - even if those organs are not\no longer there.

Yoni steaming is a practice using steam and herbs where women are able to take care of this beautiful, sacred part of our body that is not often acknowledged. We often have our hair done, or a manicure, but really do nothing for this amazing and powerful part of ourselves.

Well, that's about to change!

Women from Africa, Asia and Central America already know about this self care ritual and it's now becoming a part of our self care in the UK. But actually - I believe it is so much more than that!

Done in a supported space, the herbs help us release on all levels. So as we relax we are able to release physically, emotionally and mentally.

We can release the pain of past traumas, unhealthy relationships, abusive relationships, miscarriages and terminations.

If we believe - and I REALLY do - that we store our traumas in our bodies, in our cells - then it follows on that having the time and space to consciously release any of that - whilst being supported during that process (by me - your Priestess Healer) has to be a good thing.

The more negative attachments or feelings I can release the better I feel, I am free to move forward without being held back by issues of the past.

Yoni Steaming is within the Goddess Healing remit but I felt it warranted its own page!

So at the start of the healing session we will call in any Goddesses that have an affinity to your reasons for seeking treatment. In fact, any Goddesses that you wish to include can be called in to attend and enhance the session.

Some reported benefits:​

  • Improved menstruation cycles
  • Pain and bloating reduction
  • General improved gynea health
  • Deep relaxation
  • Releasing blockages improves ability to move forward
  • And it FEELS LOVELY!! REALLY! It does! ​

When not to have a Yoni Steam

  • If you have an IUD fitted, a contraceptive coil, do not have a Yoni Steam
  • If you are pregnant do not have a Yoni Steam
herbs are used in Yoni steaming

What to expect?

  • This is a 2 hours session, of which the actual steaming section is about 30 minutes.
  • There is a settling down part to this session, after the steaming process has been completed. This is an important time in the treatment as you can relax, wrapped in a soft warm blanket, and you can discuss your experience if you wish, or you can just be still and come back and ground yourself.
  • This is a powerful experience - as often a client has a specific intent in mind, and this very much forms part of the treatment. So it may be that it is quite an emotional experience, but this is part of the releasing.
  • Sense of connection

As a client what do I need to do?

  • Wear comfortable cotton upper garments if you can
  • Below the waist clothing is removed, in privacy
  • You make your own selection from the herbs offered, just using your instincts. Or I can select if you prefer
  • Set your intention for your healing session
  • And give thanks for the sacred herbs and their gifts as you release the water and herbs back to the earth after your treatment

What should I do afterwards?

  • Take it slowly, as this is a powerful treatment
  • Make sure you feel fully alert before driving, operating machinery
  • Drink plenty of water, as you would after a massage
  • And tell the women in your life about this wonderful process that honours this sacred part of your body!

I am here to answer any questions, before, during or after treatments. This is new to a lot of women! So please just ask.

I trained as a Priestess Healer with Angie Twydall of The Blessed Bee in Glastonbury

See Testimonials page for examples of Yoni steaming experiences.

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